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Engineering Students

Engineering students completing a degree are encouraged to consider earning a Professional Engineering (PE) License.  This is especially important for engineers who want to work on projects and systems where a Professional Engineering certification must be provided.  

Examples include most large building projects; public works projects - roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, and schools; hospitals and health care facilities; electric power generation and distribution systems; and other projects where a professional credential is required or will enhance confidence in the engineering. 

Professional Engineering (PE) License Career Opportunities - Advantages


•   Creates opportunities to lead complex engineering projects where a professional license is required

•   Enhances career advancement potential and job security

•   Opens opportunities to compete for jobs and promotions that require a professional license 

•   A credential that is transferable between states

•   Once earned, can be easily renewed annually

•   Recognizes a significant professional and personal career accomplishment


Obtaining Your Professional Engineering (PE) License


•   Successfully complete Fundamentals of Engineering Exam - students completing an engineering degree are encouraged to take the exam during senior year or immediately after graduation.

•   Complete four years of qualifying engineering experience

•   Pass the PE Exam

•   Submit application plus professional references to State Licensing Board

See Road Map to Licensure for more detailed information.


NSPE-WI (WSPE) can help! Here’s how:


•    Full time students can become a member of NSPE (and WSPE) free of charge, just visit here for details. And don’t forget to check out the benefits of being an NSPE member including current employment opportunities for professional engineers of all engineering disciplines.

•    Once you’re a member of WSPE as a full-time student enrolled in an ABET accredited engineering program, you can qualify for a 20% discount on materials and services from PPI2pass and School of PE to help you pass your FE and PE exams the first time. Visit here.

Important Links

Road Map to Licensure


Links to Professional Engineer Licensure Information.


If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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