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Continuing Professional Competency
In June of 2014 the Wisconsin Legislature published Chapter A-E 13, Continuing Education for Professional Engineers. The rules require professional engineers to complete 30 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) prior to renewing their license each biennium. The 30 PDHs or equivalent continuing education units shall be pertinent to the practice of professional engineering. The required 30 PDHs must include a minimum of two (2) PDHs in the area of professional conduct and ethics; a minimum of thirteen (13) PDHs, per biennium, via courses where the registrant interacts in real time in a traditional classroom setting. Courses, providers, and activities do not need to be pre-approved to meet the continuing education requirements. PHDs in obtained in excess of 30 may be carried forward to the next bienimum up to 15 PDHs. For more information see the Department of Safety and Professional Services, Professional Engineer Continuing Education page where you may download record keeping forms in Excel format.

PDH Opportunities

WSPE, in partnership with other providers will from time to time conduct learning sessions, both face-to-face and through webinars.  Watch your email for announcements of events.

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